Why Us?

Hi friend! So you've been searching all over the SLC area, looking for the perfect photographer, the best photographer. All the websites that you've looked at are all blending together. Then you stopped by HDP, and you're thinking "Wow, something is really different about her." You are absolutely, on the dot, right!

I want to capture all those tiny details for you like your little one’s fluttering eyelashes, tiny fingers, and toes that grow so fast, and those little freckles that we all love. I want to give you the very best photography experience in all of Utah because I believe that you are worth it! Hello Daydreamer Photography partners with several local and national boutiques and stores to make sure we give you the very best of the best. Once you book your session, we’ll meet, drink coffee or pink lemonade and talk about all the little details of your dream session. Then on the day of your shoot, (on-location or at the studio), we’ll get your kids all dressed up in beautiful dresses. We’ll all be giggling and dancing the whole time, and your littles won’t even notice that they’re having their pictures taken, and you'll go home with heirloom prints and albums so the giggles will live on forever.

Want in on this magic? Give me a call at 801.215.9514 or contact me below. I'd love to talk with you about your photography session!