Welcome! I’m so glad that you’re so excited about booking a Daydream session for your little love. These sessions are truly an experience unlike any other. Down below we’re going to walk through every step in the session planning and trust me, we’re going to have such fun!

Step 1 - The Love Affair

So you’ve fallen in love with the photos you see on my website, social media, or that your best friend did for her little one. You’re already dreaming about what your child’s Daydream will look like. Will they go off to a world full of nutcrackers and fairies or under the sea where only the most magical live? It’s up to you two! But the first step in this magic is to contact me right here.

Step 2 - The Planning Begins

Oh yay!!! You’ve now booked your session and the date is set for a month or two out. Here’s the time where we meet up at my Downtown Salt Lake studio or a local coffee shop for an hour or two to talk visions! Here’s where you get to gush about how big your little one’s dreams are, and I’ll be taking notes the whole time to make sure we work together to create your child’s true Daydream!


Step 3 - The Fashion

Welcome to one of my very favorite parts of the process: wardrobe! HDP has a collect of 50+ dresses and accessories (Tutu du Monde, Dollcake, and Nellystella just to name a few), plus access to thousands more for you to browse from for your session. After days of research, I’ll put together 3-5 outfit combos for you to easily pick from and you can either come back into the studio, or we can online chat to choose the perfect one. The most important part of this step (unless you want this whole session to be a surprise) is that your little love participates here. They may be little, but they know what outfits make their heart flutter.

Step 4 - Day of the Daydream

And the moment you’ve been waiting for: session day!! I’ve spent the last month or two planning every little detail of your child’s Daydream session. From the location, to the prop styling, the hair and makeup, lighting, and all that goes in between to make sure everyone has the very best experience and leaves eagerly awaiting to see the final images! We’ll spend about an hour getting ready and then about two shooting until we can’t shoot anymore! But don’t worry, we have a lot of tricks up our sleeve (you know, aside from living their daydream) to make sure your child doesn’t get restless. And no worries if they’re shy or don’t like to smile much. We often get our best photos that way! And we’ll end the day with a hand-crafted goody bag to keep that daydream going just a little longer.


Step 5 - The Reveal Party

Wow, that was fun! Now, a couple days after your session I’ll post a sneak peek that you get to share with all your family and friends because I know you’re longing to. And then we’ll set up a time about 2-3 weeks after your Daydream for our Reveal Party to choose all your heirloom and fine art products for your gorgeous home. I’ll put together a slideshow with the dreamiest music (that we’ll all probably shed a tear too) with the 30-35 fully edited and hand-picked images from your session. After that, we'll move to picking which photos you’d like for your albums, wall art, and story boxes (and more info on that here).

Step 6 - And They All Lived Happily Ever After

2-4 weeks after you place your product order, and your choices have gone through all the processes to make sure they last as long as possible, it’s pick-up day! Yay! I can guarantee your breath will be taken away by how stunning all of those prints and albums will be. I know I always am! We hug and maybe even exchange a few more tears, and then you’re on your way. Maybe stopping by a friend’s house or the post office to give some prints as gifts, but then returning home and oohing and ahhing about how beautifully everything turned out and just how much fun your little love had during their Daydream. Those moments last forever, dear loves, and that’s why I’m here.



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