Something Dreamy is Coming to Salt Lake City | Hello Daydreamer Photography

Something dreamy is coming to Salt Lake City... and it's Hello Daydreamer Photography!!!

After many months prayer and long talks (and a 22hr trip) about where we want to start our new life as a married couple, my lovely fiancé, Roland, and I have decided to move to Salt Lake City, Utah in August! Which means I can start taking SLC sessions in September! YAY!

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Ashlee's Headshot Session | Dallas Headshot Photographer

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of shooting a local photographer’s headshots and we had a blast! I know some people who would stay far away from working with other photographers because of the supposed “competition”…. They seriously are the sweetest! And Ashlee was no exception…

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HDP 2019 Calendar (Updated Bi-Weekly) | SLC Child + Dance + Headshot Photographer

Hello beautiful people! I wanted to put together a central calendar for you all to see when would be the best time to book your Daydream, dance, or headshot session and also when all our special edition sessions are. I will be updating this calendar Bi-Weekly, so if it’s your dream to book a HDP session in Salt Lake or Dallas bookmark this page and check back often!

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